I cannot find words to express what a wonderful time I had with every one. Peter Karen & Isabella you made our trip just the best, thanks again!


What a great week we had !!
Many thanks to Peter and Karen for looking after us so well


The whole tour was very well organised, Peter (The driver) was always helpful and cheerful, a great leader and someone you could trust in all situations.


My Sister-In-Law and I always enjoy your one-day tours, and are amazed that you keep coming up with new places to see and enjoy! This area must have its limitations and no doubt we might go somewhere we have visited on an earlier occasion, but please believe that it's the trip itself, the friends we accompany, the "day out" with teas and lunches, that really makes the day for us!  We are getting a little older, but while ever we can climb aboard Peter's bus (sorry - Coach) we will keep enjoying your trips.

Thank you for all the enjoyable days!